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ECLBet Review – An unbiased review

I’ve been gambling online for the past 9 years, playing on numerous websites ranging from the most popular to lesser known ones. The experience varies on each site and of course the games too. I recently discovered ECLBet, which is Asia’s leading online casino. I found ECLBet a rather good online betting site to play eSports, slot games, live casino, 4D lottery, prediction games and number games, and I will go into better detail of these games and the website itself today.

The online betting games are sorted into five categories on ECLBet’s simple and fuss-free website – the categories are eSports, sports, live casino, slots and 4D lottery. Within each category is an extensive number of games, brought on by partnership between ECLBet and global top game providers.

Qatar world cup 2022: Football Betting with ECLBet

The world cup in Qatar is just around the corner and there is already a lot of excitement surrounding the event. Football betting is a popular way to get involved in the action and there are a few things you should know before placing your bets.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the odds can change very quickly. This means that you need to be able to act fast when you see a good opportunity. It is also important to remember that not all bookmakers offer the same odds. This is why it pays to shop around for the best deals.

Another factor to consider is that bets on Qatar will be affected by the weather. The climate in Qatar can be very hot and dry, which could lead to some unpredictable results. Be sure to check the forecast before placing your bets.

Different Types of World Cup Bets with Eclbet

When it comes to betting on the World Cup, there are a few different types of bets that you can make. The most common type of bet is the straight bet, which is simply picking who you think will win the game. You can also bet on the spread, which is how many goals you think will be scored in the game. If you think that one team is going to score a lot of goals, you can bet on the over/under, which is how many goals will be scored in the game total. Finally, you can also bet on props, which are bets on things that will happen in the game like how many yellow cards will be shown or who will score the first goal.

World Cup Betting: Asian Odds at ECLBet

The FIFA World Cup is the most bet on event in the world, and with good reason. The quadrennial event always produces plenty of drama, surprises and storylines for punters to get stuck into.

Asian odds are a popular way of betting on football, and the World Cup is no different. Here we take a look at what Asian odds are at Eclbet, how they work and whether they offer value for money when betting on the World Cup.

Asian odds are a type of handicap betting that originates from Asia. In simple terms, Asian handicap bets aim to level the playing field by giving one team a virtual head start. For example, if Team A is considered a strong favourites to beat Team B, an Asian handicap bet might give Team B a 1 goal head start.

I have gambled in all categories, although not in every game yet as there are close to 100 games on ECLBet’s website. I must say that I am pretty impressed with the entire experience so far. Let me drill down my thoughts to each game category:

  • Live casino

This is my favourite category of games, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that ECLBet has way more games to offer than most of the other online gambling sites that I used to play on. I was rather impressed with the live casino experience, which offered great simulation of being in a real live European casino. The experience was surreal!

  • Slots

My second favourite category. I like that the graphics were crisp and sharp, which gave me great uninterrupted gameplay.

  • 4D lottery

I tried a few 4D lottery games, namely Magnum, Sports Toto and Da Ma Cai which are the top lottery games in Malaysia. Placing bets on my preferred numbers were easy. Having the results from previous draws on the front page was also helpful, as I didn’t need to Google for the results on another website. There was also a payout table, which showed the prize amounts paid for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, special and consolation prizes.

  • Sports

CMD368 and MaxBet are the two game suppliers onboard that offer live TV of the sports matches unfolding. That said, ECLBet is truly your all-in-one sports betting website as you won’t have to go elsewhere to catch the match in action.

  • eSports

The live TVs showing the eSports games progressing was really captivating, especially when your chosen player is leading! Streaming the games was a good experience, there was no lag and again, everything was fast and sharp. 

 I’ve summarized ECLBet’s games in a simple table to give you an idea of what games are available:

Live CasinoSlots4D lotterySportseSports
Allbet ClubCQ94STC 4D MaxbetCMD 368
Asia Gaming Dreamtech Cash SweepCMD368 SportsCMD 369
Dream GamingGamatron Damacai In Play Matrix 
eBetGameplay Interactive Magnum Maxbet 
Evolution Gaming JokerSabah 88 Saba e-Sports
Gameplay Interactive Play n Go Singapore 4Dy  
H GamingPlaytech Sports Toto  
Playtech Pragmatic Play    
SA Gaming Spade Gaming    
Sexy Gaming Top Trend Gaming    
WMZhao Cai Tong Zi   

Next, I will move on to the top 3 reasons beyond game selection on why ECLBet is my go-to online gambling website:

  • Attractive bonuses and benefits

 ECL Bet offers a variety of bonuses and promotions to its customers. When I joined as a new members, I earned a 120% welcome deposit bonus. Every member gets 5% cashback on all games, as well as birthday bonuses, daily first deposit incentives, and rebates on sportsbook, casino, and slot games. VIP members get even more: up to RM1,888 in birthday bonuses, RM1,888 in upgrade bonuses, and up to RM250,000 in withdrawals. There is also a VIP membership which is divided into five tiers based on the amount of deposits made – Normal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • Licensed and long-standing

In an online gambling website, online bettors should look beyond a large number of online betting games and membership benefits. Its safety and reputation helps ensure that bets, deposits and payouts are secure. ECLBet is a licenced online gambling website that was established in 2017 and is still situated in Malaysia. ECLBet is the first online gaming website in South East Asia to publish a Leader Board to encourage transparency, as well as the first in the online gambling business to give 100% legal eSport and sport games prediction.

  • Socially-responsible company

In the year 2020, ECLBet gave back to society through a charity collaboration with Namewee, a Malaysian singer, composer, filmmaker, and actor. Through the initiative, RM100,000 was raised and distributed to those in need “One like equals RM1” charity event. CL Bet and Namewee collaborated on the song and music video “Return Home with Smile” in 2021 “to coincide with that year’s Chinese New Year celebrations. Since then, ECLBet has gained recognition for the value it places on corporate social responsibility.

To me, ECLBet is an all-rounded online gambling website that gives me all the top online betting games, a simple and user-friendly interface and an overall great online gambling experience. I would highly recommend ECLBet to anyone who is looking for an extensive choice of online gambling games from a secured and licensed online betting website.

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